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BRACKET is the future of Network Software. It is a feature packed product that is all set to change the rules of the game. Desktop Sharing, File System Access, File Transfers and Messaging, Web Services Framework is just a small subset of its features.

BRACKET software is free for personal non-commercial use. You don't have to pay anything as long as you use it for the same purpose. To use Bracket for any other purpose you must purchase licenses.

Download Client - v3.2P JavaScript Library

Think this site is cool? Build your own using the Bracket Javascript Library.

Download JS Lib 1.0 Web Services API

Bracket Webservices Framework is a very powerful framework which has the potential to change the face of Internet. It makes possible to develop webservices that run on user's local machine but remain accessible over the Internet. It opens numerous avenues because the services can now interface with local resources and can perform tasks that were not possible earlier. Also the framework takes care of integrating the locally running service with Internet and you as a developer need only to focus on the specificities of your service implementation.

You would also have the choice of providing your webservice implementation in any technology. Though the API is java based but nothing stops you from interfacing it with native code (JNI) and any other technology of your choice.

The Bracket Webservices Client API, using which you can develop your own webservices, can be downloaded from below. Just like our sample webservices your webservice can also be directly imported inside any Bracket client session. Others can thus directly benefit from your work.

Download Web Services API Samples & Source Code

The following ready-to-use sample services are available for download and can directly be imported inside your client session. We are in the process of developing more such services for your use. Also we invite software developers to visit Developer's Zone and contribute towards development of path breaking services.

Available Sample Services
Photo Sharing Service This service would let you share images (photographs, pictures etc.) instantly with others. The pictures would be shared directly from your local system and will not be uploaded anywhere on Internet. They will however remain accessbile over Internet. Pictures will be presented inside a cute widget as clickable thumbnails. Download
File System Service This service would let you access your file system from anywhere across the Internet. The access would be login based and restricted to privileges granted by you. You would be able to create multiple accounts and assign them different access rights for various files and folders. Download
How to use a service
After downloading the respective jar file the service can be registered with your Bracket client session by importing the jar. Importing the service jar and using the service inside your Bracket client session requires no technical knowledge and the task can be performed in just a few seconds using the Webservices Control Panel that is part of the Bracket client software.

The Webservices-Howto page tells you how to do it all in 3 simple steps.

Upcoming Sample Services
E-Store Service This service would let store owners to virtualize their stores and accept online orders. The service would be rich enough to support all types of stores - small to large.
This service is Under Active Development.
External Developers who would like to be a part of service development team may contact us at

Source Code
The full source code of a sample service called testservice can be downloaded from below. You can use this code as base for developing your own service implementation. Also the source code of any of the services available under Samples can be requested by mailing to

Download Source Code of Test Service Documentation

Please visit the following links for documentation.